Admin Tryouts

Soon we will have tryouts for new admins. There will be a limited amount of slots available. If you have been thinking of applying for the clan now is the time to do so and get noticed. Please keep in mind that being an admin is a serious matter.

Please take some time to consider the following:

– Do you have time to admin the servers?
– Do you own a copy of L4D2 & TF2?
– Are you competent enough to make decisions on [uA]’s behalf?
– Can you handle the stress of being an admin?
– Can you make snap decisions?
– Do you get along with the majority of the players.
– Are you able to follow rules?
– Do you know [uA]’s rules?
– Are you able to follow orders?

If you have answered NO to any of the questions you may want to brush up on the subject before applying. Like in any company, if you fail to complete you appointed task you may be removed for a more able person. Even though I am lenient with my staff, insubordination will not be tolerated (not to be confused with constructive criticism). Mainly we will be looking for people who are able to handle griefers and complaints from within the server and out. Along with external tools admins will be provided with internal tools that will allow you to manage bans, kicks, and complaints.

All applicants will be interviewed and scrutinized. Only apply if you are serious about improving the community for those who cannot. Being a member helps but does not guaranty you a spot on the admin list. If you would like to apply just leave a comment on this forum post
stating that you want to apply.