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Don’t Forget! [uA]

[uA] is still recruiting members! Remember if you are interested in being a [uA] member there is an application link at the top of the site. Fill it out with great honesty. If you are wondering what a “Sponsor” is, it is just a uA member who wouldn’t mind recommending you on your application. The

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We are experiencing internet downtime. In the last hour we have lost internet twice. In an effort to get this resolved, our provider has informed us that there is a problem in our area. Although they cannot say how long it will be we are confident in our providers ability to fix the issue.


Teamspeak has been replaced with a 1000 slot Ventrilo server. Its open to the public. You can connect using the details bellow or on the SERVERS tab above. 1000 Man Ventrilo Server- IP: PORT: 3784


As some of you may have notice there are ads on our server on the MOTD. We’re testing it out for this month. It SHOULDNT hinder any gaming experience but if you really despise it let me know by commenting on this post. We did this so we can keep up the payments to keep the servers up. We

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If you haven’t noticed, the servers have changed names. The server order is still the same as before. Sorry for the inconvenience. Server #4 is now 1 Server #5 is now 2 Server #6 is now 3 Server #7 is now 4 Server #8 is now 5 If you are still confused you can check

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Dez’s Test Server

Just a warning to those that may happen to wander into my test server. You may join the server at your own risk. I sometimes test new addons or mods that can potentially change your l4d2. You will then need to manually remove my files to revert the changes. There will also be sudden restarts

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