Announcing the first ever 1up box prize giveaway get incredible prizes for just joining a game and signing up . Make sure you log in daily for more chances to win!

Event will run through May 15-24! Sign up once on our site and then login daily to collect more tickets!
Ways to get tickets: +1
-login daily to any uA server
-sign up
In order for this giveaway to be a reality we need at least 30 people to sign up for it. So tell your friends!! Entering is free and here are the prizes – with more being added daily!
Raffle prizes include: (Stretch Goals)
-Walking dead wind ups (40 people)
-Harley Quinn key chains! (50)
-Free exclusive 1 up box shirts (55)
-Cute DC key holders! (30)
-Various gaming stickers (30)
-Exclusive 1 up box pins (30)
-And much more !!!
You can earn tickets by daily login. Better yet – you don’t have to be physically present to accept your prize!
Furthermore, we ran the math and it’s irrefutable: the more tickets you earn, the better chance you have of winning!

How to Sign up!

Go to http://urbanlyadjusted.com/giveaway/1754/

1) Under “Name” enter your STEAM name. This is the name you will use during the giveaway. Without this we will not be able to track you in game.
2) You must sign up on the site at least once.