Admin Tryouts: 2 Open Slots

It’s that time again. We all have lives outside of L4D2 and sometimes it gets to be a bit much. As 2 old admins step down 2 new ones can rise up. It’s time for another open admin tryouts.

There’s a few things you need to know before you should apply. The most important is to read and understand the Administrator Guidelines. Clan Members and Recognized members of the Community will always have priority before the rest. So yes even non clan members can be an admin if you qualify. You are expected to participate in clan meetings, events, and to be regularly on the servers. With the addition of CallAdmin we are now making being an admin a more simple. Everyone that qualifies has a 3 month trial period and if you or we feel that perhaps you would not be best suited to be an admin position we will look through the list of applicants for a replacement.

Please don’t apply unless you plan to dedicated time to this.


Where to Apply?