Administrator Guidelines

Date: 2016/04/23
Author: Shadow



  • Responsible for providing an enjoyable and trouble free gaming experience for everyone.



  • It is the Administrator’s responsibility to know and follow the guidelines outlined here.
  • It is the Administrator’s responsibility to check the guidelines for changes frequently.
  • It is the Administrator’s responsibility to know how to properly use the commands provided.
  • The Administrator represents the [uA] Community, conflicts of interest will not be tolerated.
  • The Administrator will not discuss actions via any other forms of communication except the [uA] Forums
  • Disagreements or contradictions to another [uA] Member must be done in a private setting. ( Steam Chat, Email, Private Forum Message )



  • Always warn before taking action. Make sure the other party can clearly communicate with you. Ask for help if there is a language barrier.
  • Actions can be taken, only when warnings have no effect. Let player know their infraction prior to the action.
  • Proof of violations of our rules must be obtained prior to banning a player.



  • It is the Administrator’s responsibility to check the “Ban Appeals” often. (Located Here)
  • Only the banning Administrator should respond to a ban appeal unless asked to respond by the banning Administrator.
  • Any discussions between admins relating to a ban should take place in the “Admins” forum.
  • When responding to a ban appeal, state facts not opinions, and be prepared to provide evidence.
  • If the banning admin has not responded to a challenged ban within three days, it is appropriate for another admin to contact an Officer informing them of the appeal.


Note: These guidelines may change without notice at any time.