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Downloads Page Added To Site

The main site now has a downloads page. So far it only has the XPMod client addon but soon I will also include other stuff that is related to the group and games we play. The link is above between servers and applications. Feel free to make suggestions.

XPMod Client Addon

Just in case you dont have it or if you are new to the servers and would like to see some really awesome effects that compliment the XPMod experience, you can now dowload the addon using the link below. To install simply extract the vpk into your addons folder. Download: Video I made a

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We’re Back!

Sup! Its been a while… Time to get back at it. Recently I made an announcement on the steam group about being more active, There’s now a discussion post explaining some of what we have planed. If you are interested helping expand uA to other games we are all ears (or eyes). Let us know

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1UP BOX PRIZE GIVEAWAY Announcing the first ever 1up box prize giveaway get incredible prizes for just joining a game and signing up . Make sure you log in daily for more chances to win! Event will run through May 15-24! Sign up once on our site and then login daily to collect more tickets! Ways to get

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Monthly Giveaways Poll

Hey guys! It’s been a while. So a buddy of mine wants to give out some cool from 1upbox but we need to know the community is still alive and willing to participate. [uA] will also be hosting 2 new game servers (Not L4D2) for the giveaways. Please use the link bellow to submit your

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Insurgency Server Now Online

We now have an Insurgency Server setup with with the most popular maps in rotation. The server can also be found on the banlist and is subject to our rules ( at least the ones the could apply). New rules will be written when we have the time.   Server name: [uA] Los Angeles *Popular

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