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April 27th: L4d2 Drinking game…Going on RIGHT NOW! want to join? PM Yuzy, Dez, Pew Pew, Squall or  and we’ll make room for you! Read on to find out how to play. If you’re playing please put a stars next to your name if you’re playing (example: Yuzy*, **Yuzy, Yuzy****etc etc etc) Use any alcoholic

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As some of you may have notice there are ads on our server on the MOTD. We’re testing it out for this month. It SHOULDNT hinder any gaming experience but if you really despise it let me know by commenting on this post. We did this so we can keep up the payments to keep the servers up. We

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Hello everyone! So I figured it’s only proper to kick off our newly added stats page with April’s event contest. The objective is very very simple and will only take  ONE WEEK starting tomorrow April 2ed 12:00am pst. The goal? To to be rank 1. You can check your ranks here. Or click on the

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Updates to uA! Please read!

We’ve updated the rules (to make it even simpler to understand) and added a section of ban lists! Remember, although it says permanent ban, players can protest the ban on that webpage or appeal it over the forums. ATTN PLAYERS: If you decide to report anyone please provide adequate proof of what you are accusing of that person. Reports without adequate proof

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Updated Rules

Please go to our forums and read the updated rules. Not much changed, just clarified.  All suggestions are appreciated, please post them in the forums.

Congratulations to Feb Contest winner….

DestructDez1! The scores were so close! I hope everyone had fun. Thank you all for participating in this tournament. We [uA] learned a lot to make our future tournaments better. As for prizes Dez won Natural Selection 2 (in beta)and…. a surprise $25 Amex gift card (total value of $60)!  Hope to see more contestants

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