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[uA] Minecraft Tekkit Server Open To the Public

Forum Thread:   To play the server you will need to register with our Main Site to play. The name you register must be the same as your Minecraft Username. MainSite:   IP: PORT: Leave Empty   Rules: Ill write these up with I get back tonight     For those of

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DayZ Private Server

A DayZ private server has now been added to the network. This is the Sanctuary version of the game that has many bug fixes and improvements. You can connect to it by searching the ingame server list for “DayZ Urbanly Adjusted Private Server -NoHive- (” or just “Urbanly Adjusted”. ** WARNING** This server does not

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I’m sorry to report that Server 1-5 will be down over the weekend. ┬áServers 6 & 7 will remain active. The server computer has been under a lot of stress and it seems to be slowing down. Until we have enough funds to build a better computer this will be a regular occurrence about twice

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