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Downloads Page Added To Site

The main site now has a downloads page. So far it only has the XPMod client addon but soon I will also include other stuff that is related to the group and games we play. The link is above between servers and applications. Feel free to make suggestions.

XPMod Client Addon

Just in case you dont have it or if you are new to the servers and would like to see some really awesome effects that compliment the XPMod experience, you can now dowload the addon using the link below. To install simply extract the vpk into your addons folder. Download: Video I made a

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We’re Back!

Sup! Its been a while… Time to get back at it. Recently I made an announcement on the steam group about being more active, There’s now a discussion post explaining some of what we have planed. If you are interested helping expand uA to other games we are all ears (or eyes). Let us know

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MEvertz 4v4 Tournament

MEvertz 4v4 Tournament 1st place gets $50 per player their own dedicated server for a month 2nd place gets $25 per player Tournament will take place on April 5th -7th Registration Ends April 2nd To Register for this event CLICK HERE

Temp Fix for ADs crashing L4D2

After some testing we have found that there is a version of flash player that will work correctly with the ads and any other system program that may need flash player. How To: For WIndows vista and above: 1) Go to your controll panel then Programs and Features 2) Un-install ‘Adobe Flash Player XX ActiveX’

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Huge L4D2 Update

Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: – Made all mutations accessible from the main menu CRASH COURSE Crash Course 1: – Fixed survivors being able to climb into infected-only territory from the top of the white

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L4D2 Update: Major Fixes by Valve

Valve has fixed a lot of bugs and glitch areas. Some will effect XPMod gameplay.   From Valve News Site: Today’s update includes fixes that will be coming to the Xbox 360 in a future update. Dead Center: The Hotel: – Made dropping between the top two floors much more difficult. The Atrium: -Survivors should

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