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Space Engineers Is Back!

For now we are only going to run a server dedicated to the uA group. This means that you have to be in the group in order to play. The server features a few mods such as hostile universe, conveyor expansion, and trees! Difficulty is set to normal with a few settings tweaked for a

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Death Aboard 2

New map has been added to server 7. You can download it HERE. This mas just amazing. Its no wonder why it was chosen to be the last map for the 1v1 tournament. To install the map you can use the same method used for the previously released map pack.

New Maps

Server 7 will now have new custom maps for your enjoyment. This means that the original l4d2 maps will not be added to the map cycle for server 7 only. If you want to play the new maps you will have to follow the simple steps bellow. 1) Download the files a) If you don’t

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Mandatory Updates + Poll

Servers are down due to mandatory updates. Steam has released a new community Mutation: Flu Season. We have been considering opening a Mutation server for some time so we are going to leave the decision to our players. The Mutation server will be what ever steam officially releases. Use the poll on the left sidebar to vote.