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Admin Tryouts

Soon we will have tryouts for new admins. There will be a limited amount of slots available. If you have been thinking of applying for the clan now is the time to do so and get noticed. Please keep in mind that being an admin is a serious matter. Please take some time to consider

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I’m sorry to report that Server 1-5 will be down over the weekend.  Servers 6 & 7 will remain active. The server computer has been under a lot of stress and it seems to be slowing down. Until we have enough funds to build a better computer this will be a regular occurrence about twice

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uA XPM Server #7?

So I’ve been hearing a lot about a demand for an east coast server. If you would like to see one please let us know on our forum HERE. I’m giving the players the option to customize the server with specific plugins. You guys will able to vote for changes anytime you want. If it is

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Due To Circumstances

Due to certain circumstances Squall has been removed from the clan. Please follow our rules they are simple and easy to follow. If you do have question about our rules please post them in the forums.


  Announcing our new Australian server. Lets welcome our new players with the same love of the XPM. You can find the new info in the SERVERS tab or in your L4D2 menu XPmod uA #6 Australia


April 27th: L4d2 Drinking game…Going on RIGHT NOW! want to join? PM Yuzy, Dez, Pew Pew, Squall or  and we’ll make room for you! Read on to find out how to play. If you’re playing please put a stars next to your name if you’re playing (example: Yuzy*, **Yuzy, Yuzy****etc etc etc) Use any alcoholic

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New Forums!

I have some really cool news for you guys. We now have a new forum. That means that all of our members must migrate to the new forums. On Friday I will shut down the old forums. Clan members should register as soon as possible so I can set their clan status. Bellow are some

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As some of you may have notice there are ads on our server on the MOTD. We’re testing it out for this month. It SHOULDNT hinder any gaming experience but if you really despise it let me know by commenting on this post. We did this so we can keep up the payments to keep the servers up. We

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If you haven’t noticed, the servers have changed names. The server order is still the same as before. Sorry for the inconvenience. Server #4 is now 1 Server #5 is now 2 Server #6 is now 3 Server #7 is now 4 Server #8 is now 5 If you are still confused you can check

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