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Downloads Page Added To Site

The main site now has a downloads page. So far it only has the XPMod client addon but soon I will also include other stuff that is related to the group and games we play. The link is above between servers and applications. Feel free to make suggestions.

XPMod Client Addon

Just in case you dont have it or if you are new to the servers and would like to see some really awesome effects that compliment the XPMod experience, you can now dowload the addon using the link below. To install simply extract the vpk into your addons folder. Download: Video I made a

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XPMod Client Addon Released!

The awesome developers of the XPMod have released the client addon for your extra enjoyment. I hightly recommend all of you download the addon to get the full experience while playing. Dragonzk and ChrisP are still hard at work so lets all show our support by donating to them and ,if you havent already, by

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XPMod Update!

Servers 1,2, and 3 (with the exception of a couple of plugins) will be vanilla form now on. New updates to the XPMod have been applied. Only server 1-3 will have this new update until further testing can be done. If you find any bugs please report them HERE. Partial Changelog: +More bug fixes +Some

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As some of you may have notice there are ads on our server on the MOTD. We’re testing it out for this month. It SHOULDNT hinder any gaming experience but if you really despise it let me know by commenting on this post. We did this so we can keep up the payments to keep the servers up. We

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All players of this awesome mod need to rebind your keys to use your talents. Copy the following into your console to bind the correct keys: bind z xpmbind1 bind x xpmbind2 bind BACKSPACE “say !xpm”


If you haven’t noticed, the servers have changed names. The server order is still the same as before. Sorry for the inconvenience. Server #4 is now 1 Server #5 is now 2 Server #6 is now 3 Server #7 is now 4 Server #8 is now 5 If you are still confused you can check

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