June’s Contest

Description: This month we will have a 2v2 contest. The winners of the contest will each be able to choose any game from the steam store under $25 USD. The matches will be chosen at random on a random map on expert setting. The final map will be a custom map chosen by the [uA] admins. The map will be announced to the finalist on the last day of the contest. So grab your partner and start practicing. The matches will be broadcast LIVE (link will be available the day of the contest)

Time: June 25 & 26. All teams must RSVP by Friday the 24th. Matches will be chosen on Friday the 24th

Place: The matches will take place on a unlisted server with XPM. All players will be given level 30 for the matches.

Rules: – [uA] Officers and [uA] admins will not be allowed to participate unless special permission is given by the Officers.
– All [uA] rules apply to the contest
– Cheaters will forfeit the match. If only one is cheating then the remaining teammate will be allowed to finish the contest.
– Only 1 prize of $25 or less will be given out per winner.
– All teams must RSVP by June 24.
– Players must be available by Noon on Saturday the 25th in the steam community chat room.

How To RSVP: Either of the teammates must leave a post using the following format in the forum post http://forum.urbanlyadjusted.com/index.php?/topic/246-junes-contest/

Game Handles: DestructDez1 & dez.
Prize of choice: Game#1 for DesructDez1 and Game#2 for dez