Member List

List of official [uA] members. This List is the official List of all [uA] members. Anyone seen wearing the [uA] tag and that is not on this list should be reported on the forums. Please do not message us personally with any complaints, that’s what we have a forum section for.
 Note: You can click on the steam Icon next to a members name to be directed to his/her steam profile


Steam Icon DestructDez1
Steam Icon MEvertz
Steam Icon Moustachio!
Steam Icon Shadow



Steam Icon Bloody Tofu
Steam Icon JohnnyReb
Steam Icon Zee Captain
Steam Icon {><} Mezo .BAD.
Steam Icon Jasper; Damage Inc!
Steam Icon CyanideCupcakes

Steam Icon Zoo
Steam Icon Resonator



Steam Icon ßoץкiη
Steam Icon «Siłeŋŧ¦Cłouđ»
Steam Icon Penta
Steam Icon Raini Rodriguez
Steam Icon Asu
Steam Icon



Steam Icon Capt. Caveman


Steam Icon Shadow
Steam Icon Colonel Cataclysm


Last updated as of March 28, 2017 by Shadow
If you feel the member list is outdated please do not hesitate to contact us HERE