Server Rules

This is where you can find all of the server rules. Please take the time to read through it.
By playing on our server you agree that you take full responsibility for you're own actions.
Failure to read the rules does not exempt you from any of our server rules.

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Administrator Guidlines

If you would like to know what rules the admins have to follow then You're in luck! They are posted here.

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Application Form

Apply to be a member.

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Mandatory Updates + Poll

Servers are down due to mandatory updates. Steam has released a new community Mutation: Flu Season. We have been considering opening a Mutation server for some time so we are going to leave the decision to our players. The Mutation server will be what ever steam officially releases. Use the poll on the left sidebar to vote.

Calling all [uA] Admins

Please download HLSW. Set up an account and then contact me for further instructions. This program will allow you to moderate the servers from your computer without being ingame. Be aware that this program grants slightly more powered than you would have ingame so admin abuse will not be tolerated when using the program. Please

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