Server Rules

This is where you can find all of the server rules. Please take the time to read through it.
By playing on our server you agree that you take full responsibility for you're own actions.
Failure to read the rules does not exempt you from any of our server rules.

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Administrator Guidlines

If you would like to know what rules the admins have to follow then You're in luck! They are posted here.

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Application Form

Apply to be a member.

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Rules Have Been Updated

Please make a mental note that it is now ALLOWED to BOOMER BOMB at the BEGINNING of The Parish.   Original Rule: Do not use ‘Boomer Bomb’ skill (Bind 2) on safe room starting areas that would kill survivors, i.e. No Mercy (Ch. 1), Hard Rain (Ch. 1) The Parish (Ch. 1). Amended Rule: Do

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Maintenance Day

Friday at 3PM Pacific the West coast servers will shut down for maintenance. The Central server will remain up.   What will be effected: – West Coast Servers – All uA websites – uA Databases (XPMod should not be effected)

Space Engineers Is Back!

For now we are only going to run a server dedicated to the uA group. This means that you have to be in the group in order to play. The server features a few mods such as hostile universe, conveyor expansion, and trees! Difficulty is set to normal with a few settings tweaked for a

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Site Data Recovered (mostly)

As you might have noticed I have brought up the remaining sites. there are still some issues that need to be fixed and polished before it can be considered complete. For the mostly part, we only lost about 2 months worth of data. The raid configuration I was using completely failed and the backups were

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Admin Tryouts: 2 Open Slots

It’s that time again. We all have lives outside of L4D2 and sometimes it gets to be a bit much. As 2 old admins step down 2 new ones can rise up. It’s time for another open admin tryouts. There’s a few things you need to know before you should apply. The most important is

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MEvertz 4v4 Tournament

MEvertz 4v4 Tournament 1st place gets $50 per player their own dedicated server for a month 2nd place gets $25 per player Tournament will take place on April 5th -7th Registration Ends April 2nd To Register for this event CLICK HERE

[uA] Minecraft Tekkit Server Open To the Public

Forum Thread:   To play the server you will need to register with our Main Site to play. The name you register must be the same as your Minecraft Username. MainSite:   IP: PORT: Leave Empty   Rules: Ill write these up with I get back tonight     For those of

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