Date: 2016/04/23
Author: Shadow


UrbanlyAdjusted aims to provide a fun and friendly gaming environment. We will not tolerate disruptive and offensive behavior. We ask that you respect the rules. Players that disregard the rules will be removed from the servers. All we ask is you show some common courtesy and use common sense.

If you break any of the rules stated below, you may find yourself kicked or banned from the servers/forums without warning. Please read carefully.


General Game Rules:

  • Do not disrespect other players, including UrbanlyAdjusted staff. Players with a bad attitude do not benefit the community, regardless of how good they are at the game.
  • Do not use abusive language. You can still talk trash, but keep it to a minimum and don’t go overboard. Bullying and racism are not tolerated.
  • The use of any script or program to give a player an advantage in any way is strictly prohibited.
  • Using any in-game exploits to gain any unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not accuse people of violating the rules without necessary proof. Valid forms of proof include:
    • Screenshots
    • Unedited Videos (In-game and Third Party recordings)
  • Spamming of any kind is not allowed. “The Definition of Game Spamming”
  • Do not impersonate UrbanlyAdjusted staff members in any way.
  • Do not use offensive sprays, including but not limited to; images containing nudity, racism, or offensive language.
  • Do not ignore staff members when they are speaking to you or announcing something to the entire server.
  • Do not challenge or argue with any staff members while in a public setting (i.e. In-game) Report it on the forums.
  • Do not block [uA] members on any game management systems (i.e. Steam, U-Play, Origin).
  • Do not complain if you are kicked from a game server to make room for a [uA] member or donator.


L4D2/XPMod Rules:

  • Do not leave the safe room without confirming talents as survivor.
  • Do not glitch through the safe room door. This is an unintended glitch with L4d2. This is considered exploitation and is in violation of our ‘General Game Rules’.**
  • Do not rush ahead of your team as a survivor unless everyone else is incapacitated/dead. *
  • Do not skip events. This is considered exploitation and is in violation of our ‘General Game Rules’. *
  • Do not skip parts of the map. This is considered exploitation and is in violation of our ‘General Game Rules’. *
  • Do not halt game progress (camping as a survivor or hiding as a tank where survivors can’t reach).
  • Do not go to any location, as a survivor, that the director cannot reach. (Common infected can not reach you) This is considered exploitation and is in violation of our ‘General Game Rules’. **
  • Do not sit in the spectator team for extended periods of time (5 minutes max if server is close to or completely full).
  • Do not switch to spectate and back to take a bot’s place if you die as a survivor. This is considered exploitation and is in violation of our ‘General Game Rules’.
  • Do not use ‘Boomer Bomb’ skill (Bind 2) on safe room starting area of rooftop of No Mercy (Ch. 1). ***

*These rules do not apply on Tank Rush servers. Tank Rush is a free-for-all, all players for themselves. This means you can rush and leave your team behind.

**Smoker teleport is exempt from this rule.

*** This rule has been removed.


Forum Rules:

  • Flaming is not tolerated. “The Definition of Flaming”
  • Do not spam in any other section but the ‘Spam’ or ‘Off Topic’ Sections. “The Definition of Forum Spamming”
  • Do not post malicious links. This falls under the same category as Spamming.
  • Show respect to other posters, especially staff.
  • Please stay on-topic in threads. Create your own thread or send a private message if you want to talk about something else.
  • If you have a problem with someone, do not post a thread demeaning them. Send them a private message or contact a staff member to settle the matter.
  • If you are an UrbanlyAdjusted member and cannot act mature in your posts, you will lose your posting privileges.


Note: These rules can update without notice at anytime. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure they read, follow and understand the rules at all times. If the player requires clarification of a rule, they need not hesitate to ask.