Sorry guys! The servers have moved to a new location. Server will appear like normal in the L4D2 main menu. If you need to IP’s they will be posted later tonight when the servers page is update with the newest info. You may have also noticed that there is now 10 servers. Yep… there’s 10 servers now. Just like server 2 we will be taking requests and suggestions to modify our new servers. Please follow this link to participate.

The server comp has a fresh install so there will be some massive fragmentation going on. At 2AM TONIGHT the server comp will go down to defragment. It is estimated that the servers will be back only by 9AM if not sooner. Phew, that’s a lot of exciting news for one day. I think I need to take a nap.

The mumble server is also active on the new host.

PORT: 64738 (or leave blank to auto enter the default port)