Urbanly Adjusted Restructuring Effective Feburary 10, 2010!

Congratulations to our new officers!!

[uA] ClockworkOrange

[uA] Mevertz

[uA] Moustachio!

We have many new changes coming. In the last few weeks we have been hard at work to make our community better. Along with hiring new officers we have decided to restructure our clan membership. We have split up the membership into tiers that better determine our members positions. With this new tiered membership we are able to offer more benefits to our more dedicated members. If you have been thinking of applying right now is the best time to apply to be a member. We now have a dedicated recruiting team headed by our new recruiting officer. A complete list of tiers and benefits are bellow. To kick off all odd these new changes we are going to have a month long March event.

Please visit our forums for more details: